Why ServiceStack?

Simple, versatile, evolvable, resilient high-performance message-based APIs

Maximize Value and Reach of System APIs
Most features are centered around ServiceStack APIs which has become the most versatile in the world where the same APIs can be consumed from HTTP in a myriad of data formats, via popular MQ Servers whilst supporting new technologies like gRPC without sacrificing any native HTTP integrations.
Ultimate Developer Productivity
ServiceStack makes it as simple as possible for API Consumers to call your APIs, with native end-to-end typed integrations to 10 of the most popular languages used in creating Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps, that they can easily add/update from within their favorite IDE.
Remote Services Best Practices
ServiceStack adopts a message-based design that embraces the SOA Integration Remote Facade, DTO and Service Gateway patterns whose uniquely benefits ServiceStack as the only Services framework to reuse API contracts enabling optimal end-to-end typed API integrations in .NET Apps without code-gen.
Benefits of message-based design
Unlike RPC, messages can be evolved, intercepted, routed & serialized with natural decoupling of an APIs coarse-grained DTO contracts allowing front & back-end developers to collaborate on an agreed high-level API design free of detail concerns for their independent implementations.
Consistent & Simplified Development Model
The benefit afforded by capturing an entire API boundary into impl-free Service Contracts extends to all natively supported languages who only need be concerned with generating declarative DTOs resulting in types encapsulating richer metadata beyond what's possible in other code-gen solutions.
Preserve Investments
ServiceStack has been consistently promoting the same remote service best-practices for over a decade, whose adoption of its time-tested patterns has survived beyond several abandoned .NET Web Service frameworks during its lifetime with any investments having failed along with them.

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ServiceStack APIs

Effortlessly create feature-rich APIs and Web Apps with ServiceStack


Intro to ServiceStack

In this introduction to ServiceStack, we will guide you through the framework's message-based design and its numerous benefits, which include promoting simplicity and enabling maximum reuse.

By utilizing a message-based design, ServiceStack encourages developers to focus on the core functionality of their services while abstracting away complexities, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient development process.

razor-pages mvc tailwind vue

Build a Bookings API with Auto Admin UI in minutes

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate the steps required to create a bookings API that is designed to be easy to use for non-developers.

To achieve this, we make use of the ServiceStack Locode and Admin UI features. With Locode, developers can easily generate a fully functional APIs with CRUD functionality whilst many App features like User Access, Logging, Profiling & DB Validation can be managed from the built-in Admin UI.

autoquery files locode

File Upload services the Easy way

The FileUploadFeature plugin in ServiceStack enables developers to add managed file uploads to their applications, providing integration with any ServiceStack service, including AutoQuery services, as well as the Locode App UI.

The modular JavaScript used in this example provides a structured & organized way to write JavaScript code that can be reused in multiple components, further simplifying the development process.

inspect tool

Post Command line HTTP API tools

Post Command is a collection of command line utils that lets you easily discover, inspect and invoke ServiceStack endpoints from a single command.

Use inspect to discover features and APIs available on a remote ServiceStack endpoint including the version of ServiceStack running, the App’s registered Content Types, Plugins and Auth Providers as well as its public APIs, their routes and Response Types.

Project Templates

Get Started quickly with your preferred frameworks with our growing project templates Learn more

razor-pages ssg tailwind codespaces

Using Razor SSG to Create Websites in GitHub Codespaces

This video takes an in-depth look at the razor-ssg ServiceStack template, a powerful tool that harnesses the power of .NET Razor Pages to provide seamless static site generation (SSG) capabilities

With GitHub Codespaces integration, you can develop, test, and manage your application all within your browser, eliminating the need for a dedicated development environment and expediting your workflow, which can all be done on the go from an iPad

razor-pages mvc tailwind vue

Modern Razor Pages & MVC .NET Tailwind templates

ServiceStack templates provide a wide range of options when it comes to using Razor Pages in your .NET application

These templates come with Tailwind, JS Modules, and Vue components already built-in, making it easy to build hybrid apps containing both Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and static resources

Live Demos

vue vite jamstack

Ultimate Vue SPA & SSG Jamstack templates for .NET

In this video tutorial, we introduce the vue-ssg template, a powerful combination of Vite, Vue3, and ServiceStack that offers an unparalleled developer experience

This template is specifically designed for .NET developers seeking a seamless and efficient Vue.js setup while employing the Jamstack architecture leveraging capabilities of Vite, Vue & ServiceStack

nextjs react jamstack

Rapidly develop C# .NET Next.js JamStack Apps with Rider

In this comprehensive walkthrough, we will guide you through the ServiceStack Next.js template, which offers an exceptional rapid development cycle when used with JetBrains Rider.

This template is specifically designed for Microsoft .NET developers seeking a seamless and efficient Next.js React setup while employing the better performing Jamstack architecture.


Rapidly develop .NET Vue.js SPA Apps

In this video tutorial, we will guide you through the process of utilizing the vue-spa template, an exceptional project template that combines the power of ServiceStack and Vue.js to create a seamless development experience.

This template is specifically designed to optimize rapid iterative dev cycles, allowing developers to quickly iterate on their frontend and backend changes.

Add ServiceStack Reference

High performance end-to-end typed APIs that integrate with any platform Learn more

python vscode jupyter

Call typed .NET APIs from Python

The video tutorial walks through how to leverage Add ServiceStack Reference for Python in different Python IDEs such as PyCharm, VSCode, and Jupyter Notebooks

Add ServiceStack Reference is a powerful tool that automatically generates typed Python DTOs for your ServiceStack APIs, saving you time and effort. With this tool, you can access your web services with ease and benefit from the productivity boost it provides.

rider c# f# vb

Add Typed C#, TypeScript, F# and VB.NET ServiceStack References from JetBrains Rider

The ServiceStack plugin for Jetbrains Rider simplifies managing your C#, F# and VB.NET client integrations by automating the generation of typed DTOs, request and response models, and client libraries.

In this video, we demonstrate the process of installing and utilizing the JetBrains Rider plugin to manage your client integrations for your ServiceStack .NET clients.

c# f# node.js dart

Create Instant Client Apps from C# .NET Web APIs

Generate working native client apps for your live ServiceStack services, in a variety of languages, instantly with our free managed service.

This tool enables your developers, and even your customers, to open a working example native application straight from the web to their favorite IDE.

Mobile Apps

Maximize utility of your APIs with native integrations to all popular languages used in Mobile Apps Learn more

flutter dart android

Call typed .NET APIs from Flutter Android Apps using Dart

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can swiftly set up and begin utilizing ServiceStack's Dart client library with your Flutter Android or iOS applications.

This also enables you to automate the generation native typed Dart Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) using the Add ServiceStack Reference feature, which simplifies the integration process and typed end-to-end communication between your Flutter Mobile Apps.

xamarin android c#

Call typed .NET APIs from Xamarin.Android in C#

ServiceStack framework and Add ServiceStack Reference tool can be utilized in mobile applications built with Xamarin.Android, enabling developers to create native Android applications using C# and .NET framework.

Add ServiceStack Reference simplifies the consumption of web services by generating your Request DTOs for easy API access. This saves time and effort, promoting faster mobile app development.

Smart Typed Clients

Ultimate simple typed client integrations utilizing resilient message-based APIs and Rich POCO DTOs


Reuse your future-proofed ServiceStack APIs to reach gRPC's efficient typed universe


ServiceStack’s gRPC support enables a highly productive development environment for developing high-performance gRPC HTTP/2 Services by making ServiceStack’s existing typed Services available from ASP.NET’s gRPC endpoints Learn more

flutter dart grpc

Fastest way to a working gRPC Server and Flutter solution

The video guides viewers through configuring a Flutter application with gRPC .NET services using the flutter-grpc mix template, starting with Flutter and gRPC services introduction and installation of the required SDK and template.

It demonstrates creating typed Dart DTOs for gRPC services, making typed requests, and keeping the Flutter app in sync with the .NET backend through automatic updates.

dart grpc

Enabling Dart gRPC support to ServiceStack .NET Apps

This video tutorial explains how to easily transform ServiceStack services into gRPC services by generating the .proto file automatically from your service definitions.

It also showcases the ServiceStack x tool's powerful features streamline integration, automate repetitive tasks, and support various languages, enabling the development of faster, more efficient, and scalable applications.


Jupyter is an exciting initiative to support an open standards, interactive computing platform where it provides the ideal integrated exploratory programming environment for data science and scientific computing. Learn more

jupyter python

Create Python Jupyter Notebooks for .NET APIs

The video demonstrates generating Jupyter Notebooks using ServiceStack x tool and Instant Client Apps, which together provide an efficient and portable development experience.

This enables developers to use Jupyter Notebooks for tasks like data analysis, visualization, and machine learning in a transferable manner across environments.

jupyter c#

Create C# Jupyter Notebooks to Inspect & Chart .NET APIs

This video demonstrates integrating .NET Interactive and JupyterLab to enhance the development experience, creating a seamless workflow when working with ServiceStack services.

It guides viewers through generating working C# notebooks for any ServiceStack service, highlighting improved productivity through these tools which are FREE on mybinder.org.

jupyter f#

Create F# Jupyter Notebooks to inspect .NET APIs & run FREE on Binder

This video demonstrates integrating .NET Interactive and JupyterLab to enhance the development experience, creating a seamless workflow when working with ServiceStack services.

It guides viewers through generating working F# notebooks for any ServiceStack service, highlighting improved productivity through these tools which are FREE on mybinder.org.

GitHub Actions & Deployments

Setup your GitHub Actions for your ServiceStack project in minutes with our GitHub Action mix templates to suit a variety of situations. Learn more

ormlite db litestream hosting

Create Simple, Fast, Reliable Apps with Litestream

This guide introduces Litestream for SQLite and demonstrates using ServiceStack Litestream mix templates for efficient setup. The tutorial focuses on SQLite backup and restore procedures during deployment via SSH and docker-compose, utilizing GitHub Actions.

By following these steps, you can streamline your SQLite management tasks and enhance your overall deployment process.

github-actions deployment

Using GitHub Actions for CI & .NET App Deployments

This tutorial demonstrates enabling continuous integration, deployment, hosting, and Let's Encrypt HTTPS configuration for an existing ServiceStack Project using the new mix support for GitHub Actions.

We'll guide you through the process of integrating these powerful features into your project. By following the tutorial, you'll streamline your workflow of your ServiceStack Project.

github-actions deployment aws ecs

Deploy Docker .NET Apps to AWS ECS with GitHub Actions

ServiceStack projects, enabling the configuration for building, testing, and deploying to a cost-efficient AWS ECS setup. By utilizing this approach, Docker Apps can be deployed on a single instance, automatically configured behind an NGINX proxy with Let's Encrypt SSL support.

Following this tutorial will streamline your workflow of your ServiceStack projects.

github-actions deployment aws lambda

Run ServiceStack .NET Apps in AWS Lambda Containers

This walkthrough demonstrates deploying a ServiceStack application to AWS Lambda using Docker containers through GitHub Actions. By following the guide, you'll learn the process of automating deployment and leveraging the advantages of containerization.

This approach simplifies the deployment process of your ServiceStack applications.


Learn about other exciting features in the ServiceStack

vue autoquery

Instantly Manage your data using AutoQueryGrid Vue

This walkthrough explores the ServiceStack Vue 3 library and the functionality of the AutoQueryGrid component. The AutoQueryGrid component simplifies the integration of AutoQuery services by generating a customizable UI.

By following this guide, you'll learn how to effectively utilize these tools to enhance your application's user interface and overall user experience.

vue autoquery

Vue 3 Tailwind Components Library

In this video, we demonstrate using the @servicestack/vue components library for Vue.js 3 Multipage Apps (MPAs) along with the vue-mjs template.

The template illustrates building content-heavy or complex sites while avoiding the intricacies of Single Page Apps (SPAs) through the use of JavaScript Modules, Tailwind, Vue.js, Razor Pages, and ServiceStack.

ormlite db migrations

Create testable code-first RDBMS migrations in C#

In this video, we guide you through creating OrmLite DB Migrations, which enhance OrmLite's lightweight code-first development approach by offering a simple change-based migration solution. This solution supports the code-first development workflow of OrmLite, streamlining the process.

By following the video, you'll learn how to effectively manage database schema changes while leveraging OrmLite's capabilities.

Feature Rich Ecosystem

Batteries included libraries with consistent focus of simple & elegant design.

ServiceStack Framework

Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all


.NET's leading C# Client


Code-first, fast, lightweight ORM


Simple, Fun, Live Scripting of .NET


Full featured support for AWS managed services.

Add ServiceStack Reference

Web, Mobile & Desktop Typed Clients


Full featured support for Azure managed services


.NET's missing high-performance utility belt


Declarative, no code, fast Query & CRUD APIs


Code-first DynamoDB LINQ Client

ServiceStack MQ

Invoke APIs over reliable MQ brokers


Invoke APIs via gRPC's vast typed ecosystem

Encrypted Messaging

Invoke APIs with message-based encryption

Server Events

Simple, real-time SSE notifications

ServiceStack Auth

Simple, Integrated Auth with multiple backends

Declarative Validation

Built-in Fluent & Declarative Validation


Strong Caching Story with multiple providers

Service Gateway

Loosely-coupled, Microservices-ready design

Vue Desktop Apps

Lite, auto updating, Windows Desktop Apps

Modular Startup

Encapsulated, Composable Building Blocks


Modular Design with rich set of Plugins

Project Templates

50+ Modern Starting Project Templates

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