Simplicity at Speed

One framework to power them all. Write your HTTP APIs once and take advantage of end to end typed integrations for all popular Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms.

Maximize Productivity

Rapidly develop powerful System APIs for Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps with amazing productivity features that's intuitive and Easy-to-use!


Effortless, declarative high-performance Query & CRUD APIs


Instantly Servicify your existing RDBMS with AutoQuery APIs

Add ServiceStack Reference

Web, Mobile, Desktop Typed Clients

Project Templates

Get your project started quickly.

ServiceStack Studio

Manage users, permissions, validation and more.

Instant Client Apps

Generate native client apps in seconds.

Mobile Clients

Client libraries for all popular languages

gRPC Support

Add gRPC support quickly and easily


Surface the ideal API a developer would naturally write and complete their implementation for them with AutoQuery!

AutoQuery which utilizes conventions to automate the creation of intent-based self-descriptive APIs that are able to specify configurable conventions and leverage extensibility options for a great developer experience.


Use ServiceStack Studio to manage Users, Validation, Permissions and Data with our portable tool for your AutoQuery services.

ServiceStack Studio is a capability-based UI to manage multiple remote ServiceStack instances from either a Chromium Desktop App or cross-platform .NET Core Web App.

AutoGen CRUD

Generate fully featured web services dynamically from your RDBMS of choice with ease allowing you to un-silo your valuable data.

AutoGen for AutoQuery generates the required DTO types at runtime, and ServiceStack tooling allows you to extract those runtime types, giving you a future proof pathway to customize and migrate to a code-first model when you need.

Smart Typed Clients

Ultimate simple typed client integrations utilizing resilient message-based APIs and Rich POCO DTOs


Reuse your future-proofed ServiceStack APIs to reach gRPC's efficient typed universe

Instant Client Apps

Generate working native client apps for your live ServiceStack services, in a variety of languages, instantly with our free managed service.

This tool enables your developers, and even your customers, to open a working example native application straight from the web to their favorite IDE.

  • C# C#
  • Node.js NodeJS
  • Dart Dart
  • Java Java
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • F# F#

Add ServiceStack Reference

Generate Native Types for your preferred language and platforms directly from within your favorite IDE or easy to use CLI tooling.

Add and update lightweight client code straight from the server you integrate with giving you an easy to use end-to-end typed interface with your ServiceStack server.

Mobile Clients

First class client libraries for your favorite Android and iOS development frameworks, working in your preferred language.

Smart Typed Clients simplify integration, with the ability to use generated DTO classes to created a typed end-to-end integration with any ServiceStack application.

Project Templates

Lots of project templates using modern frameworks, along with video and written tutorials to help your team get started quickly. Each template comes with a working example of integration with a ServiceStack service carefully designed with great developer workflows in mind.

  • Vue
  • AWS
  • NuxtJs
  • React
  • Svelte
  • Angular
  • Aurelia
  • Many more!

GitHub Action Templates

Get your GitHub Actions CI process setup in minutes for your ServiceStack project with our GitHub Action Mix templates.

ServiceStack tooling makes it fast to Mix in additional functionality into your new or existing ServiceStack projects with templates for GitHub Actions to suit a variety of situations.

gRPC Support

Create gRPC services in a consistent way to all your other services or easily add gRPC support to your existing ServiceStack services.

ServiceStack’s gRPC support enables a highly productive development environment for developing high-performance gRPC HTTP/2 Services by making ServiceStack’s existing typed Services available from ASP.NET’s gRPC endpoints.

Feature Rich Ecosystem

Batteries included libraries with consistent focus of simple & elegant design.

ServiceStack Framework

Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all.


.NET's leading C# Client


Code-first, fast, lightweight ORM


Simple, Fun, Live Scripting of .NET


Full featured support for AWS managed services.

Add ServiceStack Reference

Web, Mobile & Desktop Typed Clients


Full featured support for Azure managed services


.NET's missing high-performance utility belt


Declarative, no code, fast Query & CRUD APIs


Code-first DynamoDB LINQ Client

ServiceStack MQ

Invoke APIs over reliable MQ brokers


Invoke APIs via gRPC's vast typed ecosystem

Encrypted Messaging

Invoke APIs with message-based encryption

Server Events

Simple, real-time SSE notifications

ServiceStack Auth

Simple, Integrated Auth with multiple backends

Declarative Validation

Built-in Fluent & Declarative Validation


Strong Caching Story with multiple providers

Service Gateway

Loosely-coupled, Microservices-ready design

Vue Desktop Apps

Lite, auto updating, Windows Desktop Apps

Modular Startup

Encapsulated, Composable Building Blocks


Modular Design with rich set of Plugins

Project Templates

50+ Modern Starting Project Templates

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