Rapidly develop rich web apps

Locode lets you rapidly develop beautiful database-powered Web Apps, from an Instant UI around existing database-first RDBMS tables for rapid prototyping, export into declarative code-first development model with unprecedented customizability, on top of industrial strength APIs offering a superior end-to-end typed development model for Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps.

Creating Beautiful CRUD Apps with Locode

Learn how to easily create customizable feature-rich UX-friendly RDBMS Web Apps

Develop faster

Everything you need to develop RDBMS Web Apps

Locode enables creation of intelligent, highly customizable, beautiful UX Friendly UIs, powered by rich metadata & capabilities of typed AutoQuery APIs

Powerful Filtering

Multiple flexible query filters can be applied to any searchable column

Custom Views

Users can maintain their own persistent query preferences for each table & lookup view

Export to Excel

Users can export their current filtered table view to CSV and open in Excel

Managed File Uploads

Support for single & multi file uploads with built-in integration in AutoQuery CRUD APIs

Declarative Auth & Validation

Flexible declarative Auth & Validation Rules inc. model binding in a capability driven UI

Highly Extensible

Unprecedented flexible declarative dev model, support for custom APIs, UI Forms, formatters...

Database-first Example Locode App

To demonstrate a database-first development workflow we've enabled AutoGen on the Northwind sample database to generate AutoQuery & CRUD APIs whose capabilities are used to power the custom Northwind Locode App

Northwind Logo

Northwind Auto APIs & Locode App

Northwind Auto is a customized database-first Northwind App using AutoGen to generate AutoQuery & CRUD APIs in less than 120 Lines of Code in Configure.AppHost.cs

Code-first Example Locode App

For greater customizability we've exported AutoGen APIs of the Chinook sample database into typed AutoQuery APIs & Data Models to unlock more flexible code-first declarative & programmatic dev models that includes Custom UI components to showcase potential enhancements in Locode Apps

Chinook Logo

Chinook Locode App

Chinook is a customized Code-First App using AutoGen to export Chinook's RDBMS Tables into Models.cs generating code-first AutoQuery APIs & Data Models that's further annotated to create a customized Locode App

Reuse typed APIs in Optimized UIs

Locode's declarative dev model lets you focus on your new App's business requirements where its data model, API capabilities, input validation & multi-user Auth restrictions can be defined simply using annotated C# POCOs.
This provides immense value at the start of the development cycle where functional prototypes can be quickly iterated to gather business requirements

Once requirements have been solidified, the typed AutoQuery APIs can easily be reused to develop custom UIs to optimize important workflows.

Talent Blazor is a new App showcasing an example of this where its entire back-office functionality can be managed through Locode whilst an optimized Blazor WASM App is created to optimize its unique workflow requirements which also benefits from the superior productive dev model of its Typed APIs

Northwind Logo

Talent Blazor WASM & Locode App

Talent Blazor is a Blazor WASM App built around a HR's unique workflow for processing Job Applications from initial Application, through to Phone Screening and Interviews by multiple employees, capturing relevant feedback at each application event, with successful Applicants awarded the Job

It's co-developed & deployed with a customized Locode App that manages all other CRUD Database Access