Per-developer pricing, Royalty-Free, no hidden fees.
Perpetual Use the last update before your maintenance expires, in perpetuity
Indie Renewal* Software updates and support for an additional 12 months
Business Renewal Software updates and support for an additional 12 months

* Permitted Use

Companies or incorporated entities with more than 10 employees must purchase a Business plan.

Popular Use-Cases:

This is the most popular license model that's suitable for Start Ups, Small ISV's, Commercial Products, SAAS and any other environment which sees more deployments of ServiceStack than developers using it.

For Enterprise Customers we also offer an alternative Unlimited Developers / Per Core Licensing Model.


Individual Product licenses

The pricing above covers use of all ServiceStack packages, licensing for individual products is also available:

ServiceStack.Text ServiceStack.Redis ServiceStack.OrmLite
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I upgrade from Indie to Business if needed?
Yes, when you upgrade to Business the un-used portion of your Indie license is discounted against the cost of your new Business licenses.
Can I reassign unused Business Developer licenses?
Yes, Business Developer licenses are floating and can be re-assigned when developers leave a project. List of registered licensed developers can be managed in your Account Page.
Can I upgrade between per-core plans without buying a new license?
Yes, you'll only maintain a single active subscription and upgrading replaces your existing subscription with the new one going forward. Any balance in the middle of a billing period gets automatically prorated by Stripe.
Can we mix and match between royalty-free and unlimited-developers licensing models?
No, you can only be registered to one licensing model at a time. You will need to cancel your existing subscription before you can move to the alternate licensing model.
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