Rapidly develop Blazor Apps

Blazor with ServiceStack gives you the ideal development workflow without compromise. Effortless end-to-end typed APIs without code-gen, 100% Server model reuse, Rich UI Controls with integrated contextual validation, integrated pre-rendering for instant load times.

Optimal Developer Workflow
for Blazor WASM Apps

Learn how to easily create feature-rich Blazor WASM Web Apps with ServiceStack.

Develop faster

Everything you need to develop Blazor WASM Apps

ServiceStack’s Blazor WASM templates improves on the standard Blazor WASM development model with a number of compelling features

Shared Models

100% code reuse of server DTOs enables end-to-end typed APIs, instantly available in Blazor WASM's live reload

Blazor Components

Rich UI component library with integrated contextual declarative validation, highly themable supporting Tailwind & Bootstrap UIs

Static Page Generation

Integrated hands-free pre-rendering solution generated at deployment enables instant load times, great UX and invaluable SEO

Markdown Content

Integrated Markdown support for easy creation of beautiful typography content pages, transparently pre-rendered for great UX and SEO

Beautiful Tailwind

Create beautiful, responsive Tailwind Blazor Apps with access to comprehensive commercial & community components

GitHub Actions

Deploy straight from GitHub Actions with built in workflows. Optionally deploy decoupled static UI to CDN for max performance

Creating Beautiful Blazor Apps
with Tailwind

Preview the highly productive development model of the new Blazor Tailwind template showing how easy it is to utilize beautifully designed components

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Blazor WASM Tailwind Template

The feature-rich Blazor WASM Tailwind template us ideal for teams with strong C# skills building Line Of Business (LOB) applications who prefer utilizing Tailwind's modern utility-first CSS design system to create beautiful, instant-loading Blazor WASM Apps.

Tailwind Components

Tailwind has quickly become the best modern CSS framework for creating scalable, mobile-first responsive websites built upon a beautiful expert-crafted constraint-based Design System that enables effortless reuse of a growing suite of Free Community and professionally-designed Tailwind UI Component Libraries, invaluable for quickly creating beautiful websites.

Loads instantly with great SEO

All Blazor WASM templates incorporate prerendering to achieve their instant load times that greatly benefits the built-in markdown pages with great SEO

Pre-rendering works by replacing the Blazor WASM loading page with an equivalent looking HTML page dynamically generated in JavaScript which renders the same Blazor App's Chrome using the shared navigation defined in JavaScript to render the App's Top & Sidebar navigation.

Create Blazor WASM Apps
with Bootstrap

Walk through of the Bootstrap Blazor WASM template. Includes Bookings CRUD example using AutoQuery and Todo App, showing how to communicate between client and server

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Blazor WASM Template

The Blazor WASM template shows the familiar "Counter" example page like the standard Blazor template, but also includes a full Bookings CRUD & Todos example pages with supporting API services.

Rapidly developrich web apps

Locode lets you rapidly develop beautiful database-powered Web Apps, from an Instant UI around existing database-first RDBMS tables for rapid prototyping, export into declarative code-first development model with unprecedented customizability, on top of industrial strength APIs offering a superior end-to-end typed development model for Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps.

Blazor in the front,
Locode at back

Shorten time to ship by using Blazor WASM to create great looking custom UIs and Locode's Instant UI for managing back office RDBMS tables

Reuse typed APIs in Optimized UIs

Locode's declarative dev model lets you focus on your new App's business requirements where its data model, API capabilities, input validation & multi-user Auth restrictions can be defined simply using annotated C# POCOs.
This provides immense value at the start of the development cycle where functional prototypes can be quickly iterated to gather business requirements

Once requirements have been solidified, the typed AutoQuery APIs can easily be reused to develop custom UIs to optimize important workflows.

Talent Blazor is a new App showcasing an example of this where its entire back-office functionality can be managed through Locode whilst an optimized Blazor WASM App is created to optimize its unique workflow requirements which also benefits from the superior productive dev model of its Typed APIs

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Talent Blazor WASM & Locode App

Talent Blazor is a Blazor WASM App built around a HR's unique workflow for processing Job Applications from initial Application, through to Phone Screening and Interviews by multiple employees, capturing relevant feedback at each application event, with successful Applicants awarded the Job

It's co-developed & deployed with a customized Locode App that manages all other CRUD Database Access

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