Introducing CreatorKit

Introducing CreatorKit Background
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CreatorKit is a simple, customizable, self-hostable alternative solution to using Mailchimp for managing an organization's mailing lists, accepting newsletter subscriptions, defining customizable email layouts and templates and sending rich HTML emails to your Customers and subscribers using your preferred SMTP provider.

It also provides a private alternative to using Disqus to enhance websites with a threading and commenting system on your preferred blog posts and website pages that you want to be able to connect with your community on.

Everything you need

Grow your on-site community

CreatorKit offers all the tools you need to reach and retain users, from managing subscriber mailing lists to moderating a feature-rich comments system

Mailing List Subscriptions
Email Templates
Rich Emails
Simple Integrations
Content Moderation
Newsletter generation

Enhance static websites

We're developing CreatorKit as an ideal companion for JAMStack or statically generated branded websites like Razor SSG enabling you to seamlessly integrate features such as newsletter subscriptions, email management, comments, voting, and moderation into your existing websites without the complexity of a custom solution.

It's ideally suited for Websites who want to keep all Mailing Lists Contacts and Authenticated User Comments in a different, private self-hosted site, isolated from your existing Customer Accounts and internal Systems.

With CreatorKit, you can enjoy the convenience of managing your blog's comments, votes, and subscriptions directly from your own hosted CreatorKit Portal without needing to rely on complex content management systems to manage your blog's interactions with your readers.

Additionally, CreatorKit makes it easy to send emails and templates to different mailing lists, making it the perfect tool for managing your email campaigns. Whether you're a blogger, marketer, or entrepreneur, CreatorKit is a great solution for maximizing your blog's functionality and engagement.


The CreatorKit Portal offers a complete management UI to manage mailing lists, email newsletter and marketing campaigns, thread management and moderation workflow.

Email Management

Optimized Email UI's with Live Previews

Custom HTML Templates

HTML Email Templates

Mailing List Email Runs

Newsletter Generation

Comment Moderation

Use for FREE

CreatorKit is a FREE customizable .NET App included with ServiceStack which is Free for Individuals and Open Source projects or for organizations that continue to host their forked CreatorKit projects on GitHub or GitLab. As a stand-alone hosted product there should be minimal need for any customizations with initial Mailining Lists, Subscribers, App Settings and branding information maintained in customizable CSV and text files.

To get started follow the installation instructions to download and configure it with your organization's website settings.


As we're using CreatorKit ourselves to power all dynamic Mailing List and Comment System features on (inc. this page!), we'll be continuing to develop it with useful features to empower static websites with more generic email templates and potential to expand it with commerce features, inc. Stripe integration, products & subscriptions, ordering system, invoicing, quotes, PDF generation, etc.

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As a design goal CreatorKit's components will be easily embeddable into any external website, where it will be integrated into the Razor SSG project template to serve as a working demonstration and reference implementation. As such it's a great option if you're looking to create a Fast, FREE, CDN hostable, simple, modern statically generated website created with Razor & Markdown like ServiceStack/

Feedback welcome

If you'd like to prioritize features you'd like to see first or propose new, generically useful features for static websites, please let us know in